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Our Team
Our Team

Himalayan Aid firmly espouses the idea of “cloud” based staffing. For any given project, on any given year we are likely to use our extensive contact list to summon anything and anyone:  From 100 long-distance overland freight trucks to an international expert on child trafficking, to members of the diplomatic community and representatives of the Government of Nepal.  It is our belief that large pools of paid staff create the need for expensive infrastructure that takes away precious resources that can be used in the field.  Our extended staffing reflects our current project needs and varies from year to year.  We  do maintain a light coordinating staff presence that is chiefly charged with contacting and obtaining personnel from our data bases.  Along with our Directorship, meet our staff below:

Our Team Members
  • James Rinaldi
  • Deepak Bhandari
  • Narendra Bohara
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Anish Thaku
    Special Coordinator and IT Specialist
Meet Our Volunteers
  • Leslie
  • Justin
  • Daisy
  • Cody
  • Cherie
  • Booth
  • Joel
  • Melissa