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First School Completed
First School Completed

Himalayan Aid has just finished remodeling and refurbishing the first of many schools on our fall work agenda. Special thanks to Siv Katralen and the generous people of Norway for their sponsorship of this initial effort.  Also big thanks to Bishow, Navu, and Naren for quick and professional project management and implementation.

Navin Gram school, near Sankhu, in the Kathmandu valley was first assessed in June of this year.  Siv Katralen recognized a lack of clean water and sanitation facilities as well as a lack of attention to women’s hygiene issues.  Siv’s group provided:

  1. Newly refurbished latrines and a dedicated women’s latrine.

DSCN2275 DSCN2270
DSCN2254 DSCN2256

  1. Clean drinking water filtration systems.DSCN2281




3.  New school supplies and equipment for science education.




4.  Soap and other supplies to go with a sanitation education program.




Most importantly, young women will be given specialized instruction by our female board members on personal hygiene issues.  This is an important and seldom-recognized initiative. Many young girls in Nepal miss school time due to lack of privacy and menstrual cycle anxiety. Ankur and Ashma will approach this subject as leaders of Himalayan Aid and emphasize education and sensitivity.