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Nepal Earthquake Relief Updates
Hit Again

Yesterday all of us were hit with another earthquake.  At 7.4 on the Richter scale, it was not quite as large as the original quake, but it managed to  damage Nepal in ways we may never understand.  The experts of the world told us many things, and we believed them.  Another  heavy quake was not […]

Latest Relief Work Update

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5/11-12    Quake today hit everyone’s heart significantly. Two of our trucks and relief workers delivering aid supplies are safe and back home; landslides kept them from reaching destination. Once roads open up again, they will be back on track. For now, living outside in tents or under tarps has incredible value. 5/10     […]


Our team is on the ground now and we will be assisting Nepali rescue teams by providing them with food/manpower/tools and transportation. The Hotel Mandap will be turned into a command center for Nepal’s national media as well as a planning hub for operations and a source for missing person information.   We need your […]

It’s All About Toilets

The axiom we created is:  “Fund raise with clean water programs–save lives with latrines.”   Himalayan Aid was one of the first Asian NGO’s to realize this back in the mid-1990’s, and I’m happy to discuss the logic of this with any and all in as much depth as needed; but I’ll summarize what we’ve […]

A Sirolli Whirlwind

Himalayan Aid reached out to Dr. Ernesto Sirolli who’s popular TED video has now received over 2 million views.  In one fully packed week, Dr. Sirolli gave four lectures; visited with dozens of Nepal’s entrepreneur-supporting organizations and spoke with hundreds of Nepalis. It was a good fit. Nepal has committed to funding over 20 Sirolli […]

Media Gufa Breaks New Ground

  We’ve just completed our 3rd annual “New Media Gufa” at the Hotel Mandap in Thamel.  It was leaner, meaner and more focused–like Nepali journalists. Dharma Adhikari , founder of the Media Foundation of Nepal: (UP SOON) has been working with Himalayan Aid for the past three years on this project, and nothing could […]

Latest News

It’s February of 2015 and we’ve all been working like crazy to get this new website up and running.  Special thanks to Sunil and the crew and for getting the job done.  Professional web design for a tiny fraction of what you’d expect to pay in the West.  Jai Nepal! Since October of 2014, […]