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Nepal Earthquake Relief Updates
Fall Projects Summary!

October and November were packed full with field projects.  A few of our favorites are summarized below.  Two major initiatives are on the horizon and we can’t contain our enthusiasm for either.  Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we introduce both and  give each their own separate blog space. Winter is coming and […]

First School Completed

Himalayan Aid has just finished remodeling and refurbishing the first of many schools on our fall work agenda. Special thanks to Siv Katralen and the generous people of Norway for their sponsorship of this initial effort.  Also big thanks to Bishow, Navu, and Naren for quick and professional project management and implementation. Navin Gram school, […]

Sheet Metal Deliveries Continue!

To no one’s surprise, our work in delivering our promised donation of sheet metal to Pisgar and Duskun VDC’s was delayed due to rains and mudslides in Sindhupalchowk. We had a break in the weather this week and were able to quickly ship out enough sheet metal to cover 200 families. there are 100 more […]

Leslie’s Team Returns

I think we’re on to something here; our model is working—better than expected.  The ideal Himalayan Aid volunteer has a friend in Nepal (Booth met his on the plane ride in) or an area they’d like to help.  We provide logistics, materials, transport and seek out local knowledge and expertise.  From there onward, our volunteers […]

Our Field Team Returns

Volunteers Daisy and Cody have put in a lot of trail time for us.  Their job was to walk through selected areas and give reports on sanitation, damage, and other problems they saw.  Sadly, no government or big AID agencies have reached the villages where Daisy and Cody have walked; only a few Chinese tents […]

The Latest Word (June, 2015)

May was busy and we barely kept track of everything we sent out into the field.  June now begins and we’re waiting on sheet metal shipments and funding–a slow start. Everyone feels good about the work we’ve done to date and some statistics are beginning to emerge: 56 tons of metal sheeting have been delivered. […]

Sheet Metal Shelters

Asok provides the photos of our last metal deliveries in Jethal VDC wards 7 and 8.   Seven hundred families in all were covered during this project and temporary shelters are taking shape with local know-how and building techniques.